小松 美央 |  MIO KOMATSU


After working as a manager for an interior design and construction company in Tokyo, I spent some time on the board of directors for company, a food wholesale company in Gunma prefecture, serving as a financial and strategic executive director in central Japan.

While in my role in as a director on the board, I coordinated and provided sales support to more than 500 retailers, implementing and maintaining business strategies, as well as reviewing core initiatives and projects for approval.

As a primary stakeholder for company, I worked with Gunma Prefecture Administration on various innovation projects. In the same role, I also acted in high-level management and coordination roles in the establishment of several restaurants and startups.

In 2016, I developed and planned a product line for the “Tokyo & Around Tokyo” Olympic Committee, on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation and Land Infrastructure. At the end of the project, my products were formally selected as the representative gifts and souvenirs for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Due to my accomplishments as a member of the board of directors and on the project with the Tokyo & Around Tokyo Olympic Committee, I was given the opportunity to become an independent consultant and have been highly successful in my roles ever since.

Currently, my consulting work involves changing professional culture within businesses, which focuses on successful ways of critical thinking and desired outcomes, instead of ‘correct answers’ applying only to specific situations.